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This client has a busy life with little time to shop and has difficulty putting outfits together; she lacks variety in her wardrobe. She is missing wardrobe solutions for various events, including travel conferences, presentations, etc.

Needs & Wants

A wardrobe that represents her status in the firm while also showing her style, brand, and heritage. She wants a wardrobe that is timeless, comfortable, and stylish.

An updated wardrobe mixing old and new items perfectly aligned with her body design, color palette, personality, and career goals. One cohesive closet. A professional brand that tells a story.

Lawyer Partner Outfit
  • What is susana perczek styling?
    Styling and Image Consulting with Susana is a personalized process where I work closely with you to create your unique and authentic style tailored to your personality and career goals. This ensures that your image/brand is one-of-a-kind, reflective of your personal values, individual style, and desired leadership influence.
  • Why choose susana perczek styling over a store stylist?
    Styling with Susana allows you to express your personality and align your style with your leadership role. I work with your body design, color palette as the foundation to create your image, resulting in a wardrobe precisely tailored to meet your needs, and perfectly match with your career goals.
  • How does the susana perczek styling process work?
    The styling process begins with a consultation where Susana and you discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. From there, Susana will meet you at your home to begin the process of creation with an intake questionnaire (completed prior to your meeting), a color assessment and body design analysis. Edit and reorganization of your current wardrobe comes next which allows Susana to see what you currently have, where you have been, and where she is taking you with your style. She will find the missing pieces, the repeats, and the tired pieces. If needed, shopping will be the next step, resulting in outfit creations.
  • How long does the susana perczek styling process typically take?
    The styling timeline depends on client needs and availability. Generally, it takes about 3 weeks from consultation to final delivery. However, when Susana travels to New York and San Francisco, the process takes 4-5 days. We'll give you a more precise estimate during the consultation.
  • Where do your clients live?
    I work with clients in the Washington metropolitan area, as well as in San Francisco and New York.
  • What is the cost of susana perczek styling?
    While I understand your concerns about the upfront commitment, I want to reiterate the unparalleled dedication, attention, and creativity I offer. My ethos revolves around serving an exclusive and discerning clientele for whom luxury isn't just a commodity but an experience crafted with meticulous care and unwavering commitment to excellence. I pride myself on delivering bespoke solutions that transcend the ordinary, setting new style refinement and sophistication standards. Clients typically engage in my services for a year-long commitment and often continue working with me for extended periods (ranging from 3 to 8 years). Pricing details are provided during the discovery call. For new clients who are still deciding whether to commit to a full year, I offer a comprehensive package that includes style discovery, color analysis, body design assessment, closet editing, pre-shopping, in-store shopping, online shopping assistance, and outfit creations for a fee of $8,500. This sum can subsequently be applied towards the annual fee. It's worth noting that opting for my yearly package entails a 35% reduction in fees compared to signing up for individual sessions.
  • How do I get started to work with susana perczek styling?
    To get started, after you have informed yourself through the website, kindly reach out via email at Upon receipt of your email, you will receive a Calendly invitation. During your 30-minutes "Discovery Video Consultation" we'll delve into your ideas, needs, fee investment and determine if we're a good match for each other. Should we decide to move forward, we'll embark on the exciting journey of crafting your unique style brand.
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit
Lawyer Partner Outfit

"Thank you again for another great day.
Excited for every item we picked and for your creations this week."

- GS, Partner at Law Firm

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